We provide high-quality solutions for storage and distribution. We handle high quality goods and offer added value through flexible logistics services tailored to our customers so that they, without worries, can excel in what they do best.




  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility




In an increasingly demanding and international environment, we are a family business that offers unique service-oriented logistics solutions for safe and trustworthy storage, for fast and efficient handling, and for added value tailored to our customers. In so doing, our priorities are people, environment-oriented technologies and multimodal chains.






ODTH First Class Logistics has a logistics capacity of more than 150,000 m² - or 1.5 million m³ - in warehousing space, and almost 12 ha of land available for development, at 6 different locations in the heart of Flanders. We offer customised warehousing space according to volume and your security requirements, of course with optimum cost control. Since we own all our warehouses and investment is part of our DNA, we can discuss each specific wish with you and come to an appropriate solution.



Several of our warehouses have direct access to water, rail and road infrastructure. The Willebroek site is directly connected to the inland container terminal where ships up to 10,000 tonnes can moor. This terminal is connected daily to the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam via inland navigation. Inland vessels connect the terminal with Antwerp twice a day and with Zeebrugge on a regular basis. ODTH is an AEO certified customs company.  We understand the applicable customs legislation and are licensed for diverse customs regulations within the simplified procedures:
Free movement - Export - Customs warehouse type 1 private individual


- Adapting existing packaging/cartons according to customer picking process
- Stacking of pallets according to customer storage conditions
- Re-palletising - (Re)labelling - (Re)packaging
- Inkjet packaging customisation
- Making displays
- Unloading bulk containers and palletising.

Value Added Services

To continue to meet high customer expectations, we as a logistics service provider offer Value Added Services (VAS), perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. Our WMS makes it possible for us to streamline all internal logistics processes so that continuity to the customer is guaranteed. All VAS are performed in-house, by our own personnel and/or in cooperation with specialised firms. This ensures great flexibility in the case of fluctuating volumes. We deliver tailor-made added value to your products at different points in the logistics chain. Our service is versatile and can easily be adapted to your specific needs. Our people can handle just about any manual manipulation of your goods.




ODTH First Class Logistics goes beyond the standard labelling and stretch wrapping, and also includes targeted activities that require accuracy and varying labour intensities that might be difficult for you to provide. We work with our own well-trained people and with social enterprises as permanent partners in a structural collaboration.



  • Flexible & motivated workforce
  • 24/7 service with flexible schedules
  • Horizontal management structure, close to operations
  • Self-directing teams

Space to grow

  • Land is always available to build new distribution centres tailored to the customer
  • Large logistics network at top locations within the "Flemish Diamond"
  • Customer-tailored warehouses quickly available
  • Broad operating permits


  • Thoroughgoing optimisation of processes
  • Focus on innovative projects




ODTH's main objective is to provide its customers with excellent service. Ensuring optimal quality is our principle criterion for success.
Quality values:
100% delivery of the right products, correct quantities, perfect quality, correct documentation and status, at the right time.

Maximum care for goods and property.
Quality awareness is the most important criterion for working at ODTH.

Quality systems


The ODTH quality organisation is responsible for monitoring, advising, training and supporting the entire ODTH organisation and ensuring quality in all our operations. Implementing and developing efficient systems to improve and maintain product quality are what we are about. The quality system has three parts:
1. Supervisory, training and success planning
2. Implementation of procedures and standards
3. Measurement and accountability for results